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Get up to 15% discount for your international students or employees!

Why Booka Local?

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Personalised Assistance

Your students or employees will be taken care of from their first day in Germany on – from registering a sim card to calling the Hausverwaltung when there is no hot water.

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Less workload for you

Your HR department or international student office will no longer need to handle the language-barrier problems that are not work- or uni-related.

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Flexible Offers

We offer both pre-paid packages and “payable by invoice” upon your request. Together with you we want to shape the services to the needs of your students or employees.

Our Offer

1. Pre-paid Packages

Suitable for those who are about to arrive in Germany
€ 72€ 61,2
3-hr service
€ 120€ 102
5-hr service
Free document check for Meldebescheinigung
€ 168€ 142,8
7-hr service
Free document check for Meldebescheinigung

2. Payable By Invoice (coming soon!)

Suitable for regular full-time employees

If you have budgets for development, gym memberships or language courses for your employees, you can do the same with language-barrier assistance with Booka Local. We can create accounts for your employees and deposit balance to their accounts according to your monthly or yearly budget.


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