Our Mission

Our Mission

our mission
our mission

When language barriers pull you down, we lift you up.

When language barriers pull you down, we lift you up.

Pro Bono Service

If you are a victim of sexual assaults in Germany, and you are worried about going through all the processes when your German is limited, we got your back. 

Booka Local will support you with filing police reports or any language-related procedures for free. Please book our pro bono service in the following ways:

  • Email to [email protected]; email subject: Pro Bono
  • Use our booking system with this code: HERE4U
Booka local pro bono
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We strongly believe that the smallest steps towards sustainability can have a huge impact in shaping a better tomorrow. We try to go as paperless as possible to help in reducing CO2 emissions. Being a remote company, we also encourage our team to conserve energy at home, for example, by switching off stand-by appliances and by decreasing the use of plastic.

We make sure that our customers are appointed to the closest helpers to reduce the need for travelling. Also, as we‘re expanding, we hope to operate in a greener way in the future.

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Equality & Diversity

At Booka Local, we all come from different cultures and backgrounds. We believe that the more diverse a group is, the more interesting/fun the work environment becomes. We educate and learn about each other‘s cultures and ensure that everyone is fairly treated. We also encourage the public to share their stories about this topic with us via our online events.

We address inequalities to every new helper to eliminate any discriminatory barrier that can pop up in the future. We soon hope to partner with other startups having the same mission to enable our voice to reach more people, for a better community.