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Keep us running!

We hope to get crowd-funded.

Booka Local seeks to provide affordable service to the internationals, hoping that everyone who faces language barrier gets the help they need. We need funding in order to:

– keep Booka Local running

– expand to more German cities

– provide pro bono service to victims of sexual assaults who need language-related support

You will be directed to our GoFundMe page.

Get matched with a helper in minutes

Get matched with a helper in minutes

match with a helper by location

Match with a helper by location

less stress with language barrier

Never have to worry about language barrier again

cancelation refund

Get full refund if cancelled 24 hours before the appointment

Just published:

Ask the locals

100 Questions you may have had for a long time.

“Do you always pay when you want to use the public restroom?”
“Do you shake hands with or hug the people you just met?”

Do all these questions sounds familiar? They probably have been in your mind for quite a while.

You can get a copy of the book delivered to you if you answer a simple question to help Booka Local improve!


Our App

is now available!

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Our Booking Process

Simple & efficient

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Get insider tips from us!

Wanna live like the locals?

We promise our weekly updates are gonna be fun and worth your time. 🙂

They will be comprised of insights and tips from our local helpers and network. 

Our Online Events

We have seen so many newcomers come to the country and find it hard at first. We get together online every other week for meetups where we welcome new people and give them tips on how they can make life in a foreign place easier!

Our next meetup:

Topic: To be announced


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If you need help checking the documents before the appointment, please make one separate booking for the document preparation. When you only book for a certain appointment, we take it as you will prepare all the documents by yourself before the appointment.

When it happens, you can offer the helper the same rate and see if they are available to help longer. (Reminder: please bring some cash with you)

We will try our very best to avoid situations like this. However, when there’s an emergency that our helpers cannot arrive on time or show up, your booking will be fully refunded. In compensating for your loss, you can make the same booking for free.

It is hard to expect how long you will have to wait to speak to a customer service officer. We advise you to give us the phone number beforehand, so we can try it for you before the designated time. It will also be good if you can be flexible with your schedule, so we can catch the right time to make the phone calls. We strongly advise you not to choose anytime around lunch hours, which are often hard to reach anyone on the phone.

You will first connect with our helpers on zoom. Our helpers will then dial the number for you using their phones. They will turn the loudspeaker on so you will be able to join the conversation. In most situations, you will only need to validate your identity with the 3rd party you are calling, and then our helpers will do the rest of the phone call for you according to your request.

Our platform and our app do not require any subscription. You can use our web version or download our app on AppStore. You only have to pay for the service when you book for one. No subscription is needed.

After you have booked an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. There you can see options like “rescheduling” or “canceling” your appointment. After you cancel the appointment, our customer service will contact you concerning the refund.

In case your service involves a 3rd party (e.g. Finanzamt) and this 3rd party cancels the appointment beforehand, it is very likely that we will issue you a 100% refund if you can provide us the proof from the 3rd party. However, if the appointment was only canceled when our helper has already arrived at the meeting location, you may not get the full refund. We will of course review the cases individually.


Our Partner

Zeitgeist Zentrum

Book a Language Course & Co-Working desk with our friend & partner:

Zeitgeist Zentrum – stylized as [ˈzʌɪtɡʌɪst] – brings together language, culture and wellness in a community space set in the heart of Berlin. Made up of elements that nurture the cross cultural exchange, learning and growth of all who gather here, Zeitgeist Zentrum is a language school, event & co-working space paving the way for modern day learning and living.

Use the code “BOOKALOCAL” to get a 10% discount on all their courses!